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"Our vision... is to develop the IPM PIPE to help maximize economic returns, and improve social welfare and environmental health by promotion of efficient and coordinated IPM decision support systems."

Diagnostic Cards
  • Onion Card - Bacterial Diseases (pdf)
  • Onion Card - Foliar Fungal Diseases (pdf)
  • Onion Card - Growth Stages (pdf)
  • Onion Card - Insects (pdf)
  • Onion Card - Storage Fungal Diseases (pdf)
  • Onion Card - Storm Damage (pdf)
  • Onion Card - Virus Diseases (pdf)
  • Onion Card - Soil-Borne Diseases (pdf)

  • Other IPM PIPE Links:
    IPM PIPE Home   IPM PIPE Home Page
    About the IPM PIPE   Displays background information on this program, and links to FAQs
    IPM PIPE Sites   Links to working IPM PIPE Sites
    Governance   Provides information on our Steering Committee, bylaws, and work group products
    Partners and Links   Displays contact information and websites for many of the key partners collaborating in this effort
    Training   Includes Powerpoint presentations and other materials for use in learning more about the IPM PIPE.

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